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Match Center

Tampere RC v Helsinki RC

10 - 45

| 05/03/2016 | Åland | Men 7s | Referee: Colm McCaffrey

Team line up

1 Iikka Ahlfors
2 Ossi Aro
3 Mathiew Harding
8 Vincent Garrone
9 Wertti Bask
10 Jarno Warsa-Ritaranta
11 Mika Takala
12 Mikko Moilanen (c)

Richard Hennessy

4 Richard Hennessy
5 Dario Forneris
6 Ronan Rochford
7 Paavo Honkanen


Tries: Richard Hennessy (3), Ossi Aro, Dario Forneris, Paavo Honkanen, Ronan Rochford.
Conversions: Richard Hennessy (4/5), Ossi Aro (1/1).
Player of the day:
Yellow card: Ossi Aro.
Notes: HRC won the tournament!


Match report

March 5th was the date of the second 7's tournament of the 2016 season and first ever to be held offshore in Åland. HRC sent two teams to play and travel arrangements were complex involving trains, busses, boats, planes and a rumor states that somebody even swam to the island (that is yet to be confirmed though).

The tournament started with both HRC teams going head to head. A match that was highly anticipated, most of us waited and made all of us a bit uncomfortable. Both teams had a shaky start, but Tiger Cubs got an early hold of the ball and started holding it for long periods. The Miniguns stacked their defense and were able to hold off the Cubs from getting a try. In the second period the MiniGuns got rolling a bit and in the end cruised to a 46-0 victory. The scoreline looking much better than what our game was. After the game we all came together for a big HRC hug and there were no hard feelings from anybody. It was now time for Miniguns to get to work, clean some handling mistkaes and start focusing on next rival, big and strong Jyväskylä team.

Jyväskylä once again had brought a forward orientated team, trying to win balls in breakdowns. Miniguns hands were still messy, but a couple of tries from Bam and some good defense gave MiniGuns a 17-5 victory. A hard fought battle, that we could have made a lot easier for ourselves by being more clinical in passing.

Next up Linna rugby, who had a very disciplined team and well organised aggressive rush defense. That cought the Guns by surprise and although passing play was cleaner, it was Linna who opened the score and left the Guns trailing for the first time in the season. Dario quickly replied with some great sidesteps and the score was leveled. another try just before halftime would send the guns in the lead for a nailbiting second half. Linna's Enrico scored one of the best tries of the season on a perfect kick and chase and game was leveled. Linna lifted their spirit and the Guns looked troubled, but a well timed interception from Mathiew, great offload to Bam and a smooth run to score a try broke Linna's spirit and the Guns were back and took a 31-12 win from a tough opponent.

Next up was the host Åland. Better handling, discipline and organisation saw the Guns getting back close to their normal level and taking a comfortable 38-0 win.

The last game of the day was against Tampere. MiniGuns had now shaken off all the travel fatigue and were back to what they do best, running around a tired opponent. 45-10 victory, a clean sweep for the day and another leg won. MiniGuns are now 2/2 and head to Porvoo for the last leg of the championship with only one goal, stay undefeated! MiniGuns' cap, Over and Out!

Match report by Mikko Moilanen

Match video by Helsinki Rugby Club