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Match Center

Tampere RC v Helsinki RC

10 - 5

21/04/2014 | Tampere | Ladies 7s | Referee: Atso Jutunen

Team line up

1 Sanni Virtanen
2 Kaisla Parkkinen
3 Hanna Rotonen

Joseph Samson

Squad members who may have played:

Teija Alasalmi
Erika Eronen
Marikki Nykänen
Emma-Julia Wood
Reija Öhman
4 Ulla Tuomainen
5 Sofia Ukkonen
6 Emilia Lahtinen
7 Ifeoma Kulmala


Tries: Emilia Lahtinen.
Conversions: Sofia Ukkonen (0/1).
Player of the day:
Notes: Semi Final


Match report

HRC ladies at the sunny side of Tampere for the last leg of the 7’s series.

The last tournament of the women’s 7’s series was played in sunny Tampere on Easter Monday 21st of April. A day before, the team pondered what to wear to the first outside game day this season, Teppo was convinced it’ll rain as 'it always rains in Tampere' well the day proved her wrong. Thank you goes to TRC ladies for ordering this awesome summerlike weather for the teams to play in, and while we’re thanking, let’s thank them for the cafeteria also, someone had done a great job baking ;)

First game for HRC kicked off at 11 am against JRCL. Starting line-up was set to go, but with only six players on the pitch - and who was missing? Rookie (Kaisla), who, by the way, may never get rid of that name. Well, when nature calls, it calls. Gladly there was 'auntie' Sanni to the rescue and it was time for some quality rugby. From the start the game was really good and tight, fun to watch and by the looks of it fun to play in. Ifi started scoring for HRC getting the ball in her hands in full speed on the side and we all know that it takes a lot of effort to catch her then, and JRCL didn’t. Sofia converted, so 7-0. Jyväskylä was quick to strike back making the score 7-7 when getting to the second half. Emilia’s great tackles and not giving up in chasing was shown many times on the second half and the team performed well throughout, leading to another try by Ifi and conversion by Sofia again. But as in the first half, JRCL didn’t stand on their feet and got a try just a bit before the end of the game to get close to evening up the scores. Conversion did not go in, and HRC won by two points 14-12.

Not a long rest for HRC ladies, 20 minutes and back on the pitch. This time facing Warriors Gold. With Zita in Africa (we miss you by the way!) the team got to practice their game with Ulla working her ass off on a not-so-familiar position as scrum half. It was effective practice and team effort as HRC scored one after another making the scores at the end 38-0. Tries to Emilia (2), Ifi (2), Sofia (2) plus 4 conversions also for Sofia.

Next up, the semifinals against the hosting team TRC. Tampere ladies have really upped their game during the season, (as have all the other teams also) and came in really hard right from the kick-off. They dominated the first half and HRC had to really focus on working on the defence. Sofia had injured her knee (hoping to hear that it’s just something minor) and passes just did not snap into hands as well as they should have and we lost some good opportunities due to that. TRC scored first in the second half, Emilia scored, making it even for us, but TRC worked and got another try making the final score 10-5. TRC to the finals on their home pitch!

Plate final for HRC this time and facing JRCL for the second time on the day. This time Jyväskylä was not ready to lose. They played with fast feet and fought to get through HRC’s defence line right from the start and even though our ladies had their game face on the whole time and good tackles, chases, rucks, and runs were made, JRCL took this one. Even if Emilia scored once and Ifi also, JRCL scored more. 26-10 for Jyväskylä. In the Cup final Warriors Black finalized their number one place in the overall series by beating Tampere Rugby Club.

Thank yous go to organizers at Tampere for a great ending tournament in the 7’s series. Overall it has been a very good rugbywinter for all clubs participating, so thank you also to the 'Fairy godmother of the 7’s' Vilma from all her hard work, godmothers little helper - our very own Stella and all others organizing this seasons tournaments.

Third half got started with burgers in the brand new Aussie Bar Tampere.

Now it’s just a few weeks to go, and it’s time to hit the pitch with teams of fifteen. After a great rugbywinter, we welcome you rugbysummer!

Match report by Sonja Herrala

Photo gallery by Unknown