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February 23

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Turku Swans v Helsinki RC

0 - 27

| 20/04/2013 | Turku | Ladies 7s | Referee: ?

Team line up

Matches during tournament can see rolling subs, players playing for both teams and other wierd stuff.

the following played in this game:

Bea Lindell
Heli Salo
Jessica Kindstedt
Kaisa Mäkeläinen
Lotta Haukkovaara
Mira Saarikoski
Nadja Hänninen
Niina Sassi
Sanni Virtanen
Sara Tolonen
Siri Collins
Sonja Herrala
Stella Härkönen
Teija Alasalmi
Titta Shemeikka
Tytti Jolkkonen
Ulla Tuomainen
Vappu Brännare
Zita Floret (c)

Sanni Virtanen

The following were in the squad for the tournament and may have played in this game:


Tries: Ulla Tuomainen (2), Zita Floret, Bea Lindell, Mira Saarikoski.
Conversions: Zita Floret (1/5).
Player of the day:


Match report

Captain’s report to Turku sevens tournament 20th of April 2013.

I will start at the end.

What we have achieved with HRC ladies is greatness. Greatness as a team greatness as individuals. We can all be really happy about ourselves and look towards the future with hungry eyes.

Turku was the witness of our achievements. We trained hard, we came, , we played hard, WE went to the finals against WRC.

The tournament had its highs and lows.

Finally winning against JRC in the semi finals was definitely the highlight especially looking at the final score 24-0. It was a target we had set ourselves since the first leg of the sevens league, Jyväskylä was the reference level we wanted to get to play. To be able to play and play against.

Another high was our first game against WRC where our defence finally worked like poetry and all came together to make our game look really beautiful.

Since last tournament in Vaasa we had set ourselves personal and team goals. Most of which have been achieved.

Sanni our coach, had her own goals for us. We can say today that all of them have been achieved!

HRC women had no team last year at the same time and this year we came 3rd of the sevens league.

I am sure I can say in the name of the other two sevens captains of this season, Mia and Vappu that we are very proud to be HRC ladies. We knew already how to trust our teammates but we needed to trust ourselves.

We have trained hard on defence and personal skills to understand that we can, we simply can do side steps, that we can trust our own personal skills.

HRC ladies went in there happy, confident and respectful in their own team-members and it showed. We played well and we are not far now from being better than good!

Here we come next season!

Match report by Zita Floret