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Turku Swans v Helsinki RC

0 - 19

19/01/2013 | Rauma | Ladies 7s | Referee: ?

Team line up

Matches during tournament can see rolling subs, players playing for both teams and other wierd stuff.

the following played in this game:

Siri Collins
Lotta Haukkovaara
Sonja Herrala
Stella Härkönen
Tytti Jolkkonen
Milla Kallio
Jessica Kindstedt
Kaisa Mäkeläinen
Niina Mäntylä
Mia Niemelä (c)
Elina Riuttamäki
Mira Saarikoski
Heli Salo
Sara Tolonen
Ulla Tuomainen
Sanni Virtanen
Jonna Virtanen

Zita Floret

The following were in the squad for the tournament and may have played in this game:


Tries: Stella Härkönen, Tytti Jolkkonen, Ulla Tuomainen.
Conversions: Mia Niemelä (2/3).
Player of the day:


Match report

Rauma 7’s tournament

6.20 All three of us (me, Fia and Laura who’s coming to cheer us) are at the bus stop, along with Kaisa who is waiting for the bus too. All are cheerful, except me for I fell asleep just before leaving, 13 minutes of good solid sleep to keep me going...

But hey, 20 (!!!) Helsinki RC girls in the bus! Loads of our own ladies, full of energy! At the back of the bus are Warriors, trying to cope with all the noise that comes from us - and we all know that’s a lot of noise!

9.00 On the way we stopped for breakfast and spent the rest of the journey to braiding player’s hair and drawing 7’s things on paper. For most of us this is the first touch of 7’s rugby and for six these will be their first games of rugby ever. Rugby virgins in our midst!

10.00 Rauma! Locker room is filled with excitement. Kaisa, Milla, Elina and Heli make their way to Vaasa’s locker room as we have so many players we can help the newest team to get enough girls to the field to play. It is incredible that we have so much that we can actually help out. I hope this trend keeps up and to at the next tournament we can have two teams of HRC ladies to the field.

11.00 Tampere RC v HRC! Here goes - first game! Super excited team gets on the field and with Zita coaching, this feels good! A really great way to start, neither team is overpowering. Stella did her debut as a winger and omg, that’s a place for her! Three (3!!) tries in the first game! At some point our playing looked like 7’s rugby, but with more contact - you can take the players off the field to play with seven, but you can’t take the contact off from forwardbrain ;) 17-12 for HRC.

11.40 Turku Swans v HRC! No time for resting. A quick drink of water and time for warm-up again before facing Turku in their first games as their own team - Turku Rugby Swans. Congrats to them for that! As for the game, well 19-0 for us. Lots of contact from the opponent - suits us fine. Good game from our team and our team spirit just keeps growing. Ulla, Stella and our rookie Tytti scored in this game - some nice tries girls, may I say!

12.40 Pori Lollers v HRC! Here we go again! Pori came in hard, and HRC harder. A few injuries for us, the biggest being team captain Mia’s blow to the head, getting her of the field for rest of the tournament because of the concussion she got. Sanni and me found our own pace to run together. Speed was not the thing, but timing and knowing what the other is going to do was. Two tries from the left side with the same method, a nice offload to Sanni and TRY! Tytti scored again in this game also, so 17-7 for HRC in the end.

14.40 A clean run of three wins! HRC was the best team in Group A. Warriors won their group and JRC came in second so in the semifinals Jyväskylä RC v HRC. Make or break. JRC played real 7’s with a really nice touch and as they got their own game going, we lost our own and got confused. 5 - 24 for Jyväskylä.

We took third place in the first tournament! Really nice hey!

I’ll end my text quoting Sanni:
" Tries: Stella 4, Tytti 2, Ulla 2 (or 3?) Sanni 2. Conversions and concussion: Mia. Very very well done all, at the moment HRC is the biggest rugby club in women´s rugby, we have the most players and if you ask me, the best potential and spirit! woaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh already waiting for the next tournament! Before the tournament I was again thinking about retiring, but not anymore!! "

Can’t wait for next up-coming games!

Match report by Sonja Herrala