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Helsinki RC v Warriors RC

13 - 48

| 11/08/2012 | Myllypuro | Men 1st XV | Referee: George Mossford

Team line up

1 Henry Wright
2 Amaury Garenne
3 Mehdi Marami
16 Emmanuel Courbin
17 Mathieu Nicodeme
18 Jaakko Rautavaara
20 Mika Huopainen
21 Rebir Hama
22 Tony Brick

Stephen Whittaker
4 Ville Siiskonen (c)
5 Alvaro Diaz
6 Kevin McCarthy
8 Michael Kennedy
7 Christopher Denholm
9 Simon Elliott
10 Mikko Moilanen
12 Marc-Olivier Meunier
13 Karl-Henry Korjus
11 Eliott Frot
15 Niilo Kivistö
14 Jarno Warsa-Ritaranta


Tries: Karl-Henry Korjus, Mehdi Marami.
Conversions: Niilo Kivistö (0/2).
Penalties: Niilo Kivistö (1/1).
Player of the day: Kevin McCarthy.
Red card: Eliott Frot.


Match report

Captains report

After the first victory of the season, hopes were high and the next match would be against Warriors, on home soil in Myllypuro. Although HRC suffered from injuries (Juhani Majanen due to his leg and Robert Haafs due to his last minute illness), the squad looked strong and was prepared for a game that HRC had to win keep their semi-final hopes alive. Warriors, though, had improved their game in previous matches and they took a major scalp a week before as they beat Tampere away.

Warriors proved to be too strong for HRC. They set up the pace from the beginning of the game. In previous encounter, WRC had benefited from HRC's poor tackling and unorganized defence lines. This time, they executed perfectly their characteristic game plan where the ball was continuously spread from sideline to sideline by long, inch perfect passes. HRC's defence was always moving towards the rucks, where as WRC's attacking line was spread on the whole width of the pitch. This meant continuous overlaps to WRC and they, literally, ran around and scored tries.

In the first half, when score was 12-0 for WRC, HRC was almost going to get back to the game, but then, the local derby heat took over Eliott Frot's head and he pointlessly punched WRC's winger in a situation where penalty was awarded to HRC fairly close to WRC's try line! Red card was shown to Eliott and HRC fell a man behind. Warriors took an advantage of this and literally sealed the game on the first half by going to the half-time with 34-3 lead. On the second half, all that was left to play for was some 40 minutes of rugby in a fairly nice August weather. HRC decided to enjoy it and it worked out, thanks to the tries scored by Mehdi Marami and Karl-Henry Korjus. The final score was 13-48 to Warriors.

The loss was painful but in all fairness, WRC was just simply better.

Match report by Ville Siiskonen

Match video by wrcAtsu