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February 23

23/02 Iivari Komsi (36)

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Helsinki Rugby Club

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Ladies Finnish Champions
2015, 2016

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2002, 2003, 2014, 2016

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Turku Eagles v Helsinki RC

31 - 16

| 09/07/2011 | Turku | Men 1st XV | Referee: Sam Elone

Team line up

1 Tuomas Velling
2 Jaakko Rautavaara
3 Henry Wright
19 Petter Ljungqvist
20 Glenn Badger
21 Mika Huopainen
22 Jaakko Hannula

Thierry Demoulin
4 Marko Sallert
5 Ville Siiskonen
6 Florent Muller
8 Tuomas Hieta
7 Michael Kennedy (c)
9 Tony Brick
10 Ray Drummond
12 Niklas Sved
13 Juhani Majanen
11 Petri Pallari
15 Niilo Kivistö
14 Jarno Warsa-Ritaranta


Tries: Ray Drummond, Juhani Majanen.
Conversions: Petri Pallari (0/2).
Penalties: Petri Pallari (2/2).
Player of the day: Marko Sallert.


Match report

This was my first league game as captain of Helsinki RC and as you can imagine it was a very proud day for me personally. While we were missing a few regulars on the day the men that showed up and played did a sterling job. The game started at full pace with both teams hammering away at each other - there were some great hits and runs from both sides. The first half continued like this and at half time there was nothing in it. Ville, Big Marko, Flo and Big Tuomas were playing a blinder in the forwards and Juhani and Ray Ray were their usual good selves in the backs with Juhani bagging himself a nice try.

The second half started with Turku stealing the ball from the restart and scoring a good try putting Helsinki on the back foot straight away. After that they never looked back, not that they had it all there own way. The men of Helsinki showed true grit and stuck with it but the Turku defence was very good on the day. Talking of defence our very own Petri Pallari smashed there winger a full speed for the best hit of the day! In the end Turku scored in the last minute to give them a comfortable win but the score line hides a very hard fought match.

When a team fights and plays as 15 its very hard to give a man of the match award, and as captain you can only be proud of your players when they make this part of your job hard, but on the day big Marko deserved it for his tireless efforts through out the game - he even continued when on one knee and completely exhausted I told him I needed him and to fight the tiredness. He got up and played on - of course we only found out later that he was suffering from heat stroke, ooops!

Match report by Michael Kennedy