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Match Center

Helsinki RC v Lahti Sisu

15 - 21

| 11/06/2011 | Myllypuro | Men 2nd XV | Referee: Sebastien Garcia

Team line up

Matches during tournament can see rolling subs, players playing for both teams and other wierd stuff.

the following played in this game:

Jussi Alaputto
Avea Avea
Tony Brick
Adrian Flanagan
Jaakko Hannula
Mika Huopainen
Niilo Kivistö
Joonas Nevakivi
Anton Nevalainen
Joonas Santala
Sebastian Sihvola
Niklas Sved


The following were in the squad for the tournament and may have played in this game:


Tries: Avea Avea, Jaakko Hannula, Joonas Nevakivi.
Player of the day:


Match report

First match against Warriors and we actually kind of messed up. We had experienced - although I prefer to say old - players like chairman Tony and we had young players with a lot of enthusiasm but not the skill, so maybe too much pressure because we were beaten. Lets keep our heads up, and go again!

HRC versus Lahti. Much better game than the first game against Warriors. We had some good attacking runs, nice ball movement, good tackles - especially in the first half. Unfortunately we lapsed in the last ten seconds, and one of our forwards was running as a wing so we couldn't catch Patrick on the wing.

I don't remember anything, just getting hot and sweaty! The third match was a close one against Rauma. They were a bit more organised than we were, they were rucking much better, and had options both sides, and we were stuck on one side and then giving them options on the other side.

It has been a good day, plus 30 degrees. The games have almost finished for the day, everyone has had fun. Helsinki RC came away with three consecutive losses, but I think we managed to get better towards the end of the day, so the learning curve is going up!

Match report by Tony Brick, Joonas Santala, Adrian Flanagan

Match video by Tony Brick

Photo gallery by Juhani Majanen