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December 16

16/12 Juho Pasanen (31)


Helsinki Rugby Club

Founded 1999


Ladies Finnish Champions
2015, 2016

Men's Finnish Champions
2002, 2003, 2014, 2016

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Match Center

Helsinki RC v Jyväskylä RC

24 - 7

| 05/06/2010 | Myllypuro | Men 1st XV | Referee: Stevan Thorne

Team line up

1 Mathieu Nicodeme
2 Sebastien Garcia
3 Timothy Sampson
16 Henry Wright
17 Mehdi Marami
18 Niccolo Silini
19 Tuomas Velling
20 Niilo Kivistö
21 Petri Pallari
22 Anton Nevalainen

Thierry Demoulin
4 Tuomas Hieta
5 Mikko Juvonen
6 Chris Rowell
8 Antti Kärki
7 Mika Jokinen
9 Simon Elliott (c)
10 Joonas Santala
12 Avea Avea
13 Aki Pentikäinen
11 Mikko Orädd
15 Tony Brick
14 Mika Takala


Tries: Avea Avea (2), Joonas Santala, Niccolo Silini.
Conversions: Mika Takala (2/4).
Penalties: Joonas Santala (0/1).
Player of the day: Chris Rowell.


Match report

Twas a beautiful day in southern Finland where a prepared HRC team awaited the arrival of JRC. Due to changes in the games set up we hadnt played them for two years in the opening stages of the league. It was with great cheer we welcomed JRC back into the fold and in true HRC style showed them that we missed them! From the kick off HRC again showed the determination and focus that is starting to become central to this teams psyche. Having resolved issues from the previous match against Tampere the forwards not only dominated the scrum but also to some degree in the lineouts. The backs, now receiving quicker ball were able to stretch there legs giving Avea Avea room to make his presence felt on the oppositions try line...twice. Our supersub, the Italian stalian Nicco, added an extra to give us a commanding lead. JRC showed up but did not have the strength in depth to compete. Again the experience of having two captains and a number of older experienced players showed.

Chris (Man of the match) had another stomper of a game smashing players left right and centre. Antti also showed his capabilities by catching an over shot line out ball and not only securing it but also releasing it quickly to set up the first try of the game.

As captain I cannot ask for more passion nor commitment to tackles however the coach, im sure will have some constructive criticism to give!

The score reflects our commitment! 24/7!

Match report by Simon Elliott

Photo gallery by Francois Perthuis