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Jyväskylä RC v Helsinki RC

29 - 37

| 09/06/2007 | Jyväskylä | Men 1st XV | Referee: George Mossford

Team line up

1 Antti Kärki
2 Sebastien Garcia
3 Timothy Sampson
16 Tommi Hujala
17 Hans Larsson-Kapp
18 Jarno Warsa-Ritaranta
19 Rabbe Länsisalmi
20 Mathieu Nicodeme
21 Jussi Alaputto
22 Christopher Boyd

Mathieu Nicodeme
4 Mikko Juvonen
5 Olli Linnossuo
6 Peter Marten
8 Andrew Cotton (c)
7 Stephen Whittaker
9 Mikko Moilanen
10 Aki Pentikäinen
12 Juhani Majanen
13 Joonas Santala
11 Glenn Badger
15 Ray Drummond
14 Simon Elliott


Tries: Andrew Cotton (3), Olli Linnossuo, Rabbe Länsisalmi, Jarno Warsa-Ritaranta, Stephen Whittaker.
Conversions: Jussi Alaputto (1/3), Aki Pentikäinen (0/4).
Player of the day:
Yellow card: Sebastien Garcia.


Match report

The Helsinki Rugby Club Men's 1st XV season kicked off with a win.

The team travelled up to Jyväskylä and the game kicked off at 1400 with 30 degrees heat. Helsinki played a strong 1st half, and Jyväskylä replied with a better 2nd half from them.

There were plenty of good tackles from both teams, as well as some weak points in the defence which were exploited too many times by Jyväskylä.

The game finished in Helsinki's favour with a scoreline of 37-29, with tries scored by Andy Cotton (3), Rabbe Länsisalmi, Jarno Paasonen, Olli Linnossuo and Stephen Whittaker. A conversion was made by Jussi Alaputto.

Next Saturday sees the 1st XV and the 2nd XV play against Warriors in Myllypuro and on Sunday the girls have a tournament in Tali.

Match report by Stephen Whittaker

Photo gallery by Unknown